S&P500 index posts worst fall since April; indexes down for July

The U.S. S&P500 stock index posted its worst daily fall since April and its first monthly drop since January on Thursday, as economic data sparked concern the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates sooner than some have expected. Data showing that U.S. labor costs recorded their biggest gain in more than 5-1/2 years in the second quarter this year came a day after the Fed upgraded its assessment of the U.S. economy while reiterating it was in no hurry to raise rates. Problems in overseas economies added to the bearish tone, with Argentina defaulting on its debt for the second… Continue reading

VitalyzdTV: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Identified as World Cup Streaker (Height, Jail, Net Worth, Photos)

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy has been identified as the World Cup streaker who was caught on video by LeBron James. Zdorovetskiy ran onto the field in short shorts and with his chest exposed during the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina on Sunday. The words “Natural Born Prankster” were written on his chest. Zdorovetskiy actually posted […] Continue reading

Pope Francis Tweets Inspirational Message Ahead of World Cup Final

  The Pope is tweeting about the World Cup—what a world we live in. That’s right, Pope Francis took the time on Saturday to express a message of unity ahead of Sunday’s World Cup final between Argentina and Germany. And though he didn’t say as much, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Argentine has privately uttered a few special prayers for Lionel Messi and company. Continue reading

A new species of vine that can mimic the leaves of many different host trees has been discovered in Chile

Move over, Sherlock Holmes. There is a new master of disguise—and it’s a plant. Camouflage and mimicry are usually reserved for the animal realm. The hawk moth caterpillar scares away predators by resembling a snake. Myrmarachne jumping spiders imitate ants as they creep up on unsuspecting insects—fangs ready. Fewer examples of mimicry—or crypsis—are known for plants. But as in some mistletoe species in Australia, all of these imposters copy only one other species. That’s not the case with the woody vine Boquila trifoliolata, which transforms its leaves to copy a variety of host trees. Native to Chile and Argentina, B. trifoliolata is the first plant shown to imitate… Continue reading

Asteroids Strike Earth More Often Than We Think

SEATTLE — Hurtling space rocks like the one that traced a blazing streak across the Russian sky last year slam through Earth’s atmosphere on a regular basis, according to data from a system used to detect nuclear weapons explosions. And there’s no way to tell when the next one is coming. The bright flare of the Russian meteor was hard to miss, and left 1,200 people injured in February 2013. What the human eye missed was two separate high-altitude explosions that occurred over Argentina and the North Atlantic Ocean just months later. That’s according to data from an infrasound network… Continue reading