Lakers’ pitch to Carmelo practically ignored Carmelo

The Lakers won’t concede on Carmelo Anthony until they are told officially they are out of it. Kobe Bryant, speaking Wednesday at his basketball camp in Santa Barbara, said he’s still holding out hope despite indications Anthony will return to the Knicks.

And Lakers legend and Hall of Famer James Worthy, who was part of the Lakers contingent that met with Anthony last week in Los Angeles, said the goal of the meeting was to convince Anthony’s wife, La La Vazquez, of Hollywood’s merits.

The Post reported last week Vazquez doesn’t want Anthony to leave the Knicks.

“We tried to convey to him, the city of Los Angeles, what it brings to elite athletes, and what we could do to support him,” Worthy told Slam Magazine.

“I told Carmelo, I said, ‘I wish your wife were here because she’s more popular than you in Los Angeles.’ We’re trying to recruit her, because if you can get La La, Carmelo has no say-so. So, we’re trying to get her to Hollywood.

“Hollywood is right here. She can do whatever she wants.”

Thursday is the couple’s wedding anniversary, and Vazquez tweeted to her husband: “You’re stuck with me like glue.’’

Worthy still believes Anthony is considering LA.

“Carmelo has an open mind,’’ Worthy told Slam. “He knows this is a critical decision at this point in his career. He’s 30 years old, so he can’t be shopping around if he wants to win. I think it’ll be New York or LA, and I think LA still has a shot. He lives there in the offseason anyway.”

Anthony would be leaving $34 million on the table because the Lakers can’t offer him a fifth year, as the Knicks can. The Knicks have told Anthony he can have the five-year, $129 million maximum pact, but have encouraged him to take a little less to offer more salary-cap flexibility.

Bryant told reporters of Anthony: “I would love to play with him. We’ve really clicked since 2008, and I would love to see him out here.”

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