Donald Sterling to Shelly Sterling: ‘Stay away from me, you pig’

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling railed against the NBA in testimony Wednesday inhis probate trial against estranged wife Shelly, then blasted her when her testimony finished the second day of the trial in Los Angeles.

As Shelly walked past her husband, sitting in the front spectator row, he said to her: “Stay away from me, you pig.”

Donald started to say something else to her, and Judge Michael Levanas interrupted.

“Please don’t make any comments to your wife. That’s somewhat disturbing,” Levanas said.

Both Sterlings were ambivalent in their answers about each other. For instance, when Shelly took the stand, her attorney, Pierce O’Donnell, asked if she were separated from her husband?

“Sort of,” Shelly answered.

In questioning by his attorney Max Blecher, Donald was asked how long he has been married.

Sterling looked at the ceiling and said, “A hundred years.” After a pause, he said, “I’ve been married 58 years.”

Shelly, in her testimony, said she had become increasingly concerned about Donald’s mental health in the past three years.

“He’s been getting more forgetful. He’s slurring his words. He’s agitated a lot,” Shelly testified. “He gets mad for no particular reason. He’s just not the same person he used to be.”

Asked if she loves him, she said, “Very much.”

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