The Lakers Grade in the Draft

PF Julius Randle (No. 7 pick, Kentucky), PG Jordan Clarkson (No. 46 pick, Missouri).

Well, look at this: The Lakers are building through the draft! These two make perfect sense for what the Lakers are doing, two young players with high upside who also are ready to play right now. Clarkson has defensive potential for either guard spot and could be a nice backup. But Randle is the one who earns the raves here as a legitimate rookie of the year candidate. He’s tough and competitive and more skilled than he seems to get credit for. The comparisons to Zach Randolph don’t take into account how good he looks attacking from the wing. But yes, he could be an All-Star down the road because of his interior scoring and rebounding. Kobe Bryant might even like him because of that toughness. Dante Exum came and went, but the Lakers can feel good about getting what they ended up with, particularly since Clarkson came in a cash exchange with the Washington Wizards.

Grade: A

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