North Carolina Mom Wears Daughter’s Dress to her High School Graduation

Because who didn’t love the last day of school dress17n-1-web

For 17-year-old Violet Redwine, her last day of school would typically become the worst day. The Lexington, N.C. teen was pulled out of class and sent home for wearing a dress that was a half inch too short. Funny thing is, Violet had worn the dress several times during the school year and managed to not have one single word about its inappropriateness uttered to her. “I thought my last day was going to be great and exciting, but they pretty much ruined it for me,” Violet told TV station FOX8. After measuring the dress, the school urged her to change her clothes and she did but only to learn that upon returning back to school, she’d receive detention for being late to class. Her day ended with her mother, Amy Redwine telling her to just come home.

On graduation day, Amy surprised her daughter by wearing the same dress that was deemed inappropriate. At the end of the ceremony on Saturday about 100 people came up to Amy saying “thank you.” “You embarrassed and humiliated my daughter. I’ll put myself out there. I’ll stand on the 50-yard line and let them put a tape measurer (on my body),” Amy said. “You can’t embarrass me or humiliate me.”  Amy told her daughter she would wear the dress to show Violet that she did nothing wrong. “The dress became a symbol,” Amy said.

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