Welcome to the Party Remix Jake Dodds and Matty Moe

Welcome to the party remix itunes flyer

Jake Dodds & Stagecoach Revolver is a high energy modern country band from the Rustbelt of America. Born in raised in Southern Indiana the band is now traveling the Midwest building a fan base the old fashioned way, in bar rooms and clubs on Friday and Saturday nights.

Matty Moe is a hip hop artist also out of southern Indiana who has been building quite the buzz over the last year. He has opened up for many national acts around the midwest and is currently working on his debut album “Trapped in A Maze.

Jake dodds and Matty Moe teamed up to make a remix to their already hit song “Welcome to the Party” The single is available to download on Itunes, Google Play and other online retailers. (Links Below)



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