Man selling the word ‘the’ on eBay; gets offers from 43 bidders

An enterprising Australian man is selling the English word ‘the’ written on a piece of scrap paper on eBay – and the bidding has already reached AUD 10,099. The man already has offers from 43 bidders and the highest bid currently is AUD 10,099 and there are still three days left.
Seller “sweatyman” said: “I am selling the word ‘The’. Sweatyman lists the item as “a versatile word that can be used in literally thousands of sentences,” ‘Metro’ reported.
“Ideal for any situation, this fun-loving item fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, wallet, or purse,” he said.


“Handwritten with blue ballpoint pen, on a torn piece of Reflex A4 paper, this versatile word can be used in literally thousands of sentences.

“For example: ‘The dogs have escaped again’; ‘I will buy some meat from the local deli.’; What’s the time?’” he wrote on eBay.

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